Who We Are

Launched in April 2011, the Northeast Marcellus Initiative is a natural gas industry funded organization that serves as the eyes and ears (as well as arms, legs and heart) of the EID coalition in the region – and the catalyst for a campaign that seeks to engage, educate and mobilize supporters of responsible resource development throughout northeastern Pennsylvania and the southern tier of New York.

Led on the ground by Wayne County, Pennsylvania, native Tom Shepstone, EID Northeast draws on the considerable expertise and technical insight of EID’s coalition partners in the area (and, as needed, across the country) to bring forth the facts on the promise and potential of the Marcellus Shale. We consistently aim to create new friends along the way who are interested in joining the cause, while setting the record straight on what’s really going down in their communities.

Of course, to borrow an old cliché, a campaign’s only as good as the team you put on the field. Suffice it to say, with mugs like these, pretty safe bet you won’t be seeing any of these guys on the covers of magazines anytime soon (Nicole and Rachael being obvious exceptions here). But hopefully someday soon, you’ll have the chance to meet them face-to-face instead. Without further adieu, here’s a quick snapshot/rundown of the gang:

Tom Shepstone

Title: Campaign Director
Hometown: Honesdale, Pa.
Email: mail@shepstone.net

Nicole Jacobs

Title: Deputy Campaign Director
Hometown: Williamsport, Pa.
Email: nicole@eidmarcellus.org

Rachael Colley

Title: Field Director
Hometown: Afton, N.Y.
Email: rachael@eidmarcellus.org

Joe Massaro

Title: Field Director
Hometown: New City, N.Y.
Email: joe@eidmarcellus.org

JD Krohn

Title: Communications Director
Hometown: Dallas, Pa.
Email: john@energyindepth.org

Chris Tucker

Title: Team Lead
Hometown: Trucksville, Pa.
Email: chris@energyindepth.org