Dimock Natural Gas Train Back on Track, But Not Moving Yet

2012 September 7

Early the other morning Joe and I traveled to Dimock, Pennsylvania to talk with some residents about “the box” Energy in Depth has mentioned in a couple different posts. The box is a nine square mile area in Dimock where Cabot Oil and Gas was temporarily forced to stop all production until further notice from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The DEP has officially given Cabot Oil and Gas the go ahead to continue exploring natural gas wells that have already been prepped for well stimulation. This was great news to many people in the box but some are still waiting for the green light from the DEP allowing Cabot Oil and Gas to develop their land. read more…

Friends of New York Times See Natural Gas Rig “Forest” but Miss the Truth

2012 September 7

Peter WynnePeter Wynne
Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance

In his “Dot Earth” blog for The New York Times, writer Andrew Revkin recently wrote (8/31/12) that a frequent talking point for natural gas foes is “the prospect of gas companies poised to deploy a forest of rigs to drill 50,000 wells.” A forest of rigs would indeed be a frightening prospect, but it’s really nowhere on the horizon – not now, nor ever.

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Governor Cuomo – It’s Time to Approve Natural Gas

2012 September 7

Jeff Heller
Chairman, Steuben County Land Owners Coalition

I recently wrote this letter to Governor Cuomo, as New York sits waiting to hear when natural gas development using high volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing will be allowed within our borders. read more…

Town of Spencer Wins Support for Natural Gas Development – Fight Moves to Village Part II

2012 September 6

Editors note: This is part two of a two part series. Part I can be found here

Cris PastoCris Pasto
Tioga County, NY Landowner
Inventor and Director, Engineering & Training - Res-Q-Jack, Inc.

It was interesting how the scorned anti- natural gas village-outsiders argued their right to comment on village issues where they neither reside nor pay taxes. They argued that they drive through the village, they shop in the village, and they feel as though they are enough a part of the village that their comments deserve great attention.

The meeting consisted of each audience member citing one issue which would then get placed on the board in the pro or con column. It was a circus event that had a few heated moments. On multiple issues that the anti’s had placed up on the board as a con I countered with the same issue as a pro. For example, they cited that air quality was a con for various standard industrial reasons. Upon my turn, I cited air quality as a pro as natural gas has 40+% plus fewer emissions relative to other fuels they seem to prefer to burn. They cited urbanization as a con, I cited development as a pro for those of us that have actually lived here for a reasonable period of time. They cited water usage as a con, I cited water production from the burning, or oxidation, of natural gas as a pro. They were quite disturbed and in full disbelief when I told them that more fresh water was generated by the burning of the gas harvested by one average Marcellus well then the water used to frack the same well. They cited truck traffic as a con, I cited it as a pro as the roads were built for commerce not Sunday drives and these were jobs of the traveling variety. As many of the signs state in our community – “We welcome CLEAN natural gas JOBS!” They cited road damage as a con, I cited road improvements as a plus. They cited health issues as a con, I cited health impacts from natural gas development in the NY STATE OF DEPRESSION as a plus.

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We Deserve to Be More Than Pawns in Some Natural Gas Chess Game

2012 September 6
by EID Guest Blogger

Vic FurmanVictor Furman
Chenango County Landowner

Recently, the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, Inc. (JLCNY), of which I am a member, sent out the following letter, with which I heartily agree. Please consider taking action on this. It’s critical. Governor Cuomo and the DEC have assured us the SGEIS would be released this summer. We are now past Labor Day. It is crucial the Governor direct the DEC to move forward with permitting as soon as possible. Further delay into the political season will only energize opponents and ensure the debate moves ever further away from the facts the Governor says he wants decisions to be based upon. Our upstate communities are suffering and, not just a little, but tremendously. We deserve to be more than pawns in some political chess game. Please take a moment, read this appeal and then take action:

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Town of Spencer Wins Support for Natural Gas Development – Fight Moves to Village

2012 September 5

Editors note: This was originally featured in the Broader View Weekly on September 5, 2012

Cris PastoCris Pasto
Tioga County, NY Landowner
Inventor and Director, Engineering & Training - Res-Q-Jack, Inc.

The town board in Spencer, N.Y. has unanimously voted to stay out of the way of natural gas development. This, however, has not deterred the local anti- natural gas cult. They have since shown up after many weeks of collecting signatures of those opposed to natural gas development from Ithaca, Etna, and yes even Spencer, to tell the board that their voice is the majority. They collected a whopping 300+ signatures from what I understand.

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Saving Precious Land Thanks to Natural Gas

2012 September 5
Kate Watson
Schoharie County Landowner

Last week I sent a letter to the New York Times following their publication of an op-ed by Sean Lennon. It’s unfortunate that they wouldn’t run my letter – especially given our experience as real organic farmers and how that experience contrasts the assertions made by Mr. Lennon. With that, my letter is below.

Saving Precious Land Thanks to Natural Gas, in response to: “Destroying Precious Land for Gas”

Sean Lennon recalls a cow he milked when he was young, then attempts to speak on behalf of all organic farmers to declare natural gas development will render the land unlivable.

What Sean describes isn’t true. I am an actual, organic farmer in upstate New York, and while Sean has milked one cow, I have milked dozens. The hobby he enjoyed briefly supports my livelihood.

Natural gas production doesn’t conflict with organic farming. A natural gas well takes up six acres of land, which sees activity for a few weeks. This modest requirement helps keep in production hundreds of acres that might otherwise be lost due to high taxes and costs.

My husband and I love our land as only farmers can, and we know farmers aren’t going to compromise their land for a fast profit. It’s time to move past the rhetoric and take advantage of this opportunity together.

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The Mysterious Case of The Flowback Fluid

2012 September 5
by Joe Massaro

Where does natural gas flowback fluid from hydraulic fracturing go once it reaches the surface of the earth? Is it dumped in lakes and rivers? Definitely not. Is it evaporated in open pits? Not anymore. Operators, by and large, are choosing to use the method of the future and that which is required by all Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) member companies more often than not in our region. What method is that? The 100 percent recycling and reuse of flowback fluid at other hydraulic fracturing jobs.

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Why Are We Here Again? Oh Right, Air Quality Plan

2012 September 4

This past Tuesday the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) held a public hearing at Montrose High School regarding an Air Quality Plan Approval Application for a compressor station proposed by Hennings. Like most of these hearings, protestors gathered outside the front doors exclaiming how bad hydraulic fracturing and the compressor station are for the environment. Supporters of the project were also present to take the emotion out of the room and talk about the good experiences they’ve had with the gas companies, including Hennings. read more…

Labor Day is a Little Brighter Thanks to Shale Development

2012 September 3

Since 1882, the first Monday in September has been celebrated as Labor Day. Since its inception, the holiday has marked the end of summer and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers that have helped shape the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

In Pennsylvania the holiday takes on a special tone and character this year thanks, in part, to the continued development of the Marcellus Shale. While still struggling to regain economic footing it had prior to the recession, in the past few years Pennsylvania has enjoyed more robust economic activity than most of its neighbors.

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Dear Governor Cuomo – Please Save Us with Natural Gas

2012 September 2
by EID Guest Blogger

Sondra Bauernfeind
Retired Schoolteacher, Sullivan County, New York

The following is a letter I recently sent our Governor, Andrew Cuomo in an appeal for action to address Sullivan County, New York’s long pressing economic development crisis. I offer it in the hope others will also write him and share their sentiments as well. The time for action on our economic crisis is now and the remedy is right before our eyes – natural gas. Please review and write a letter of your own. read more…

Artists Against Fracking? No, Artists Looking for Relevance Part 3

2012 September 1

Nicole Jacobs, Deputy Campaign Director
Rachael Colley, Field Director

This week, we’ve been looking at the group “Artists Against Fracking” and their misinformation campaign to stop natural gas development in New York. Part I delved into a recent radio campaign by Michelle Williams, and for Part II we’ve been looking at co-founder, Sean Lennon’s, recent opinion piece in the New York Times. So, let’s just take another few moments to Imagine if all these artists took the time to do some real research on natural gas development. read more…